ASMR Sleep
All of us are probably aware of what ASMR is and some are even obsessing on the ASMR YouTube videos that are going viral. But for those who have no idea what we are talking about, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down to the back of the neck and spine. This tingling sensation is caused by audio or video. It directs the mind to the certain sound or visual and concentrating on a particular sound or visual can cause this sensation.

There are many ASMR videos going viral and many people love listening and watching them. It is induced by the sound of someone speaking softly or whispering, low tapping or scratching sound that is made by nails, watching someone perform a particular action in a much-synchronized manner, etc. However, it is seen that not everyone is affected by the ASMR effect and there are many people who did not feel any tingling sensation starting from their scalp and moving to their spin. It is also possible that what works for one person wouldn’t work for the other. If a person is affected by the sound of nail tapping, there is a fair chance that another person will be affected by the sound of someone whispering and not by the tapping of the nails. Many people have shown no reaction to these sounds whatsoever.

The effect that ASMR causes on the human body has encouraged many scientific studies and it has been found that ASMR sensations may have some health benefits. It is also said that it can act as a stress relief for people who have been under a lot of stress. It is also noticed that when people are exposed to ASMR for a very long time, they tend to fall asleep listening to a particular effect or watching some effects. These ASMR triggers can help a person relax and de-stress and then slowly fall asleep. There are many studies still going on to discover the health and mental benefits of ASMR but it was found that people who are not sensitive to soft touch and voices did not get the sensation.

This technique can also help people suffering from other mental illness like depression as the ASMR triggers make them feel that they are not lonely because the voices sound very close to their ears and are very soothing as well. ASMR sensation is best felt in a silent environment and with the help of headphones in order to maximize its effect and allow the sensation to get intense as the voices and the sounds get closer and intense for the listener. ASMR is a very soothing and relaxing sensation that can definitely put someone to sleep and it can be very helpful for people having insomnia. Concentrating on certain visuals and voices can help them sleep. It was also found that this sensation also helps the person to sleep peacefully. This can help people to have a healthy sleep routine and wake up fresh and active the next day to start their day.