In this day and age, as the era of technology and internet engulf our society, a lot of trends and online ideas are coming to life. In today's time, various new health and food development relentlessly come and go. Some may stay, some just go die down. With the power of the internet and the emmerging social media, connecting various cultures and races all around the globe has never been easier. These trends that instantaneously sprouting in the society, circulating the latest styles and trends can be done with just a click! Until then, even the way of eating has been upgraded and getting more and more popular around the world and just a simple internet trend has been brought into reality – mukbang. But what is this trend anyway? Are you ready to find out?

Just a brief backstory, the term "mukbang" or formerly "muek-bang" originated from the lands of South Korea and was coined from two separate Korean words "meokneun" (eating) and "bangsong" (broadcast); combined together forms "eating broadcast" which precisely describes mukbang. Originating mostly in the Korean culture, thousands to almost millions of people tune into different "broadcast influencers" or "YouTubers" gobble into their large plates and numerous sets of dishes and finish their meals on cam. Starting from 2011, streaming mukbang videos constantly grow with the means of streaming online especially on YouTube. This food trend doesn't only grew in Korea but eventually traveled into different parts of the world.

So the most query it is, how does mukbang practice the art of eating with a stranger for free? Some may be eating with a stranger is scary, yet with mukbang, it takes all those dangers away. Simply because mukbang mostly takes place virtually whereas you get to see a stranger consume their food online while facing a camera or a computer then you can dine with them by just doing the same. This practice may sound lonely but practically, it is way more fun. Doing mukbangs doesn't make a person lonely basically because it is not eating alone. You may have been finishing a meal on your own, but virtually, you are both connected and having fun. Nevertheless,it can be another option if you don't want to eat alone because either way, you can hire a friend to do mukbang with you. Since even if doing a mukbang alone is fun, then having a friend with you I what more right?

Though some critics may say, they discourage to watch mukbang, but why? Practically because some say the simply watching people do mukbang video promotes overeating simply because the YouTubers consumes a lot and a variety of dishes in their plate and it promotes overindulging. This simply raises the concern since they binge eat just to grab a lot of viewers. Moreover, it may also promote poor eating habits since consuming high volumes of food out of just cravings will promote poor choices of food. In this way, a person can consume a large portion of meals with poor nutritional contents. But all these cautions aside, watching mukbang videos must stop the stigma of preventing to consume "bad" types of food and encourage individuals to never be afraid and ashamed of our body forms. Yet, health consequence may still arise and should be taken consideration of.

Either way, one should still enjoy even the art of eating massive servings of food may it be alone or with friends. Mukbang wasn't popularized to encourage people to endure in bad habits of eating but just simply learning that eating alone should never be a lonely time because sometimes being with fewer people is a way that you can enjoy to eat and be yourself even more!