homes-domestic violence
Forty years ago, violence was known to only occur on the streets. That's where you would be beaten, raped and all manner of atrocities be advanced towards you. Home was seen as a safe haven for providing solace. No one knew that forty years down the line the rules of the game would change. Today, our homes are not in any way safer than the streets, not with millions and millions of people around the globe being victims of domestic violence. Using the past to predict the future, on is left wondering how our homes will be forty years from now.

So, what is domestic violence, well, domestic violence is a series of abusive behaviors that happen during dating, live in intimate partners or in marriages. It is an emotive issue which is fought using the weapons of intimidation, fear, shame and guilt, whose ultimate goal is to achieve total control over your partner. Although it may be attributed to stress, alcohol and drug abuse and family history, desire to gain total control remains at the core of it. Domestic violence has no exception, it occur across all genders, races, creed and religions.

Domestic violence cannot be justified. A little slap is still violence so is threatening violence to your partner and pushing. It leaves scars that can take long to heal and recognizing signs of an abusive partner at the early stages of your relationship can save you a great deal of psychological, physical and emotional damage that can occur not only to you but to your future children. Prevention is better than cure, the popular saying goes.

Potential abusers know how to play smart, often hiding signs of abuse in the first six months of relations. They will tend to hurry everything up, they date you for three weeks and the next thing they tell you is that they want to spend the rest of their lives with you. They will belittle you, erode your confidence and criticize you over the slightest mistake you make. You often live in fear of saying something to them as it may cause an outburst. In public, you "walk on eggs", fearing that you are doing something wrong that may attract criticism.