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Sleep with a bra health cancer pros and cons:

Is sleeping in a bra good or bad for you? Well, quite a number of people out there may take this question for granted, However, any woman who is conscious about their health would want to know the pros and cons of sleeping in a bra. Basically, wearing a bra while sleeping is known to offer quite a number of benefits to the breast, such that besides being an act of modesty, bras also provides support to the breast hence preventing it from sagging while making it even more firm, the bra makes your breast feel more comfortable therefore reducing the pain that comes along with heavy breasts. Similarly, the bra provides support and protects the tender and sensitive breast from rubbing against each other while you are asleep thus leading to a more restful sleep. Moreover, the bra reduces the chance of muscular strain or any form of back ache thus reducing any form of pain, even as it improves one's sleep.

However, a woman that sleeps in a poorly fitting bras is likely to wake up feeling very sore and achy and may have indentation or marks in her skin. This can be adverse , so it is important that as a lady you wear the right size of bra that fits you well. Moreover, it is a myth that sleeping with a bra increased the risk of getting cancer, instead wearing a supportive bra to bed allows one to sleep even more comfortably, without having to worry about any form of health risks besides the minor abrasions that comes from very tight fitting and uncomfortable bras.