Woman dress
The first date is your chance to show who you really are as a person. There is no better way to do this than with the outfit you choose to wear. You want to wear clothing that represents your style and personality while also helping you look your best.

First Date Outfit for Women

The ideal first date outfit for a woman is one that is stylish and classical and doesn't reveal too much skin, including cleavage. At the same time, you want the outfit to look fun and show off your personality, such as a nice dress or a fun top and a pair of dress slacks.

First Date Outfit for Men

For men, it is important to look as nicely dressed as possible without looking like you are about to go to work. Dress slacks or jeans with a button down shirt or polo shirt are good choices. Whichever outfit you choose, it needs to be appropriate for the outing. For example, if you are going to a baseball game it wouldn't make sense to wear dressier pants or a nice dress. Use your judgement, stick with your personality, and remember to keep it tasteful.