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New York
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I am so happy I stumbled upon this site. I just love meeting new people. I am outgoing and fun and get along with just about anyone.
I am available for all types of dates and situations.
I am also a professional cuddler for several companies. Here are my cuddle rules.
I just love a good cuddle. Don't you? I enjoy cuddling while chatting with you or watching TV.
Here are my rules. NO EXCEPTIONS:
1.I will not book an appointment without seeing a photo of you
2. I am in a relationship
3. PLATONIC only
4. Clothed Only
5.I am not against touching, rubbing each others bodies, massage, etc . But please nothing sexual. Please respect boundaries.
6. I am now offering double cuddling with me n my gf. Please see pricing to book that
7. Do not pay before working out the details of the meeting place, etc with me
8. I prefer to go to Holiday Inn Mount Kisco Ny
You will be required to pay half of the hotel. Which amounts to $75. You will give that to me and I will make the reservation.
9.I can be available everyday , any hour at the Holiday Inn. It is very convenient to my house
10. I'm sorry first meets my partner must be present. If you are against that then the other option is my girlfriend must be present, However she must be compensated for her time . Another way around this is to first book my meet n greet package where we become acquainted with one another.
11.YES I want your non sexual ideas on how you would like our session to go
12.YES I will take requests for clothing